epsom leather


A close cousin to shrunken calf, this leather is an embossed calfskin with excellent resistance against wear. It is produced by multiple tanneries with different code names such as Waprolux, Noblessa calf or embossed calf. The surface of this leather has a hardy shell like finish due to the embossing process. It is very easy to clean and will remain resilient over time giving it an attractive combination of luxury and durability.


epsom leather


Tannery: Tannery Roux (France), Haas (France), Weinheimmer (Germany).

Temper: Medium-firm.

Surface: Embossed grain, excellent scratch resistance.

Tanning: Chrome tanned.

Patina: Very resistant against wear, will not patina and is easy to clean.

Other notes: Different from shrunken calf, this leather has an embossed finish with a hardy surface.

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