making handmade leather watch strap

Making an HARPY Handmade Leather Watch Strap

With our custom watch band models fit most watch brands like : Seiko , Rolex , Patek Philippe , ORIS , OMEGA , NOMOS , LONGINES , IWC , Grand Seiko , Cartier , Delma , FORZO , Geckota, Laco, Marathon, Squale, Yema…

Handmade leather watch strap

Take a glimpse in to the HARPY workshop as we make a handmade leather watch strap from start to finish with the traditional hand skills and tools of the saddler and sellier. The work is deceptively simple yet incredibly precise, the materials beautiful yet durable, timeless yet ever changing. The techniques we use are time consuming and take years or decades to master, our products are a labour of love.


Making handmade leather watch strap

Together, we will go through the entire manufacturing process, detailing each step that goes into creating the watch bands that has life and complement your style.

We strive to make your shopping experience positive by providing first-class customer service and high-quality leather straps ! Through our commitment, experience and expertise, we want to establish a relationship with a customer that will last a lifetime and see our watch straps on wrists around the world.

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