Money Clip Wallets

When it comes to money clip wallet, the biggest plus point you can’t skip is the compact design, especially compared to ordinary wallets. Besides the compartments for ATM cards, IDs or important documents, the wallet is designed with a sturdy money clip, keeping money from falling. You will be completely comfortable with its compact size, easy to carry or put in a pocket without worrying about being cumbersome.

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Wallet with money clip

With the growing trend of today’s modern society, people want to go towards minimalism and compactness. Owning a wallet with money clips will be very convenient for active people, making it easy, comfortable and convenient to use.

With compact, minimalist design, convenient but still full of daily use functions when carrying with you such as: money compartment, atm card, id card, motorcycle license….

Reasons to choose Harpy Leater to buy a wallet with money clip

Harpy Leather’s money clip wallet products are all made from natural leather, high-quality leather such as cow leather, crocodile leather, ostrich leather, iguana leather, goat leather … are all imported from famous brands, tanneries in the world from Italy, France, Germany ….

All money clip leather wallet products are designed by Harpy Leather on design drawings, cut, chiseled, hand-stitched (100% handmade), with a team of passionate leather workers, many years of experience.

Why should you own a handmade money clip leather wallet?

If you are a minimalist, looking for, owning a genuine leather wallet, with the following criteria: durable, beautiful, unique, different, minimalist, unlike any other wallet, the price is right, there is nothing like it.

Each handmade wallet is designed and manufactured by Harpy Leather by skilled craftsmen with more than 5 years of experience, ensuring that each wallet reaches the customer as unique, personality and style as the owner.

Made from the finest materials, with carefully selected leathers

With a simple, compact design, you can comfortably put your money clip leather wallet in your pocket, shirt pocket, but still bring a sense of comfort when we are active.

Depending on your interest and purpose of use, you can Order or choose for yourself the most suitable money clip wallet.

The leather is soft, the longer you use it, the more shiny and nice it will be.

How to use, maintain and clean the money clip leather wallet properly?

When you own a wallet with a satisfactory clip, the use and maintenance of hygiene is very necessary to help the wallet stay bright and beautiful for as long as possible.

Usage and storage:
– Avoid storing too many items that will distort the shape of the wallet, it will become not as natural as the original.
– Avoid leaving your wallet in wet or wet places
– If you do not use it, you can pack it in paper or newspaper and place it in a dry place to preserve the product, you can add a moisture-proof package.